About Us

Bubs Own is a Mama and Papa on a mission to make sure Bubs' all over the world can be their own Unique, Smart and Lovable selves. 

We want all children to feel happy and be themselves, ensure they reach their potential and most importantly feel loved. This is why we came up with:


Born Unique gives you Beautiful, Eco-friendly and Personalised clothing. 

Born Smart brings you Plastic-Free, Reusable Toys to spark Bubs' imaginations and allow them to be independent little explorers, all inside an Eco Friendly backpack. 

Born Loved is a range of personalised and non-personalised gifts for each member of your family to show them how much they mean to you.


Being able to give back to our society is important to us, so we will give 10% of all profits from the Humanity range to a charity you choose each year. Please note currently 100% of profits from the Humanity range will be donated to Save the Children - Coronavirus Appeal.  

Ensuring all our Bubs have a beautiful world to grow up in is also vital to us. After all, we are borrowing the Earth from our children, so we are trying to do our bit and look after it. Our clothes are made in an environment where everyone is paid properly and looked after, they are made from Organic Cotton and Recycled materials. Our Toys are plastic-free and sustainable. Our Gifts, where possible are also sustainable and made from recycled materials, but most importantly they are keepsakes for you to cherish time and time again. Our packaging is compostable or can be recycled.

We believe even the smallest change can make a difference to the world around us and our little Bubs' lives.